Smooth dynamics via Operators, with Singularities

ERC AdG SOS (2018-2023)

Transfer operator applied to hyperbolic systems with low regularity including billiards

(rates of mixing, linear or fractional response Ruelle resonances, susceptibility function etc.)

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 787304)

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The team:

Viviane BALADI (PI)

Juho LEPPÄNEN 16-26/129 (in the nook 16-26/117-127)
Oct 2018-Sep 2020
Central limit theorems with a rate of convergence for time-dependent intermittent maps (with Olli Hella) to appear Stocastics and Dynamics
Sunklodas' approach to normal approximation for time-dependent dynamical systems (with Mikko Stenlund) submitted

Fanni SELLEY, 16-26/129 (in the nook 16-26/117-127)
Oct 2019-Sep 2021

Julien SEDRO, 16-26/129 (in the nook 16-26/117-127)
Arnold maps with noise: Differentiability and non-monotonicity of the rotation number (with S. Galatolo, A. Di Garbo, M. Ghil) to appear J Stat Phys

Oct 2019-Sep 2021

Jungwon LEE External funding, 16-26/129 (in the nook 16-26/117-127)
Sep 29, 2019 - Dec 1, 2019/Dec 13, 2019/ Jan 17, 2010 - Feb 14, 2020 /March 1, 2020-Aug 31, 2021

PhD students:
Alexander ADAM (external funding)
Horocycle averages on closed manifolds and transfer operators

Malo JÉZÉQUEL 15-16/514
(from Oct 1, 2019: 16-26/131)
Sep 2018-August 2021
Global trace formula for ultra-differentiable Anosov flows Submitted
Transfer operator for ultradifferentiable expanding maps of the circle

Publications of the PI:
There are no deviations for the ergodic averages of the Giulietti--Liverani horocycle flows on the two-torus, submitted
On the measure of maximal entropy for finite horizon Sinai billiard maps (with M. Demers) to appear JAMS
On the fractional susceptibility function of piecewise expanding maps, (with M. Aspenberg, J. Leppänen, T. Persson), submitted

Daniel SMANIA (November-December 2018). Talk November 30, 14:00, Dynamics seminar in Jussieu. "Transfer operators and atomic decomposition"
Alexander ADAM, Oscar BANDTLOW, Carlangelo LIVERANI, Frédéric NAUD, Mark POLLICOTT, Barbara SCHAPIRA (December 2018, Several talks at Journées dynamiques, Sophie Germain, Dec 6-8, 2018).
Alexey KOREPANOV, March 30-April 3, 2019 (Ergodic theory seminar April 2)
Thomas OHLSON TIMOUDAS, week of June 17, 2019 (Ergodic theory seminar June 18, 2019)
Mike TODD, week of June 24, 2019. (Ergodic theory seminar June 25, 2019)
Daniel SMANIA, Alexei KOREPANOV, Mike TODD: Oct 13-18, 2019 (Workshop at IhP)
Anke POHL, November 4-7, 2019. (Seminar Topology and Geometries, Nov 7, 2019)

May 11-30, 2020 (TBC): Mark DEMERS.

Events (co-)organised:
  • Dec 6-8, 2018, Journées de dynamique, Paris (Co-organised)
  • Oct 14-16, 2019, Workshop on Response Theory and Its Applications in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, (coorganised with Bahsoun, Galatolo, and Lucarini) IHP, CliMath
  • January 4, 2021-June 30, 2021: Dynamics, Transfer Operators, and Spectra, Semester at Centre Interfacultaire Bernoulli, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Co-organised) Semester page

  • September 3-5, 2018, Dynamics Days Europe, Loughborough
  • Oct 29-Nov 2, 2018, Probabilistic limit theorems for dynamical systems, CIRM Luminy
  • Dec 6-8, 2018, Journées de dynamique, Paris (Co-organised)
  • Jan 28, 2019: Seminar, Rennes
  • Feb 5-8, 2019: Roma Tor Vergata, Workshop "Dynamical Systems: From Geometry to Mechanics"
  • March 26, 2019, Amiens Journée dynamique
  • April 6 -May 1, 2019: Sao Carlos, USP, Brazil (visiting D. Smania)
  • May 12-18, 2019: Luminy, Beyond Hyperbolicity
  • June 9-15, 2019: Oberwolfach Seminar, Anisotropic Spaces and Applications to Hyperbolic and Parabolic Dynamical Systems, MFO
  • July 1-5, 2019: Thermodynamic Formalism: Modern Techniques in Smooth Ergodic Theory , CIRM, Luminy
  • July 7-11, 2019: Oberwolfach, Dynamische Systeme
  • July 22-26, 2019, Thermodynamic Formalism: Ergodic Theory and Geometry Warwick
  • September 16-20, 2019, Kraków, Dynamics, Equations and Applications (DEA 2019)
  • Oct 14-16, 2019, Workshop on Response Theory and Its Applications in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, (coorganised with Bahsoun, Galatolo, and Lucarini) IHP, CliMath
  • Dec 2-6, 2019 Low-dimensional and Complex Dynamics, CIB-EPFL Lausanne.
  • Jan 20-23, 2020, Statistical aspects of geodesic flows in nonpositive curvature, Warwick
  • Feb 2-7, 2020, Transfer operators in number theory and quantum chaos - HIM Bonn
  • March 8-15, 2020, University of Vienna, Austria
  • June 8-12, 2020 New frontiers in dimension theory of dynamical systems - Applications in metric number theory Mittag-Leffler (TBC)
  • June 22-25, 2020, Geneva, JPE75
  • Viviane Baladi