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"But a counter-current of recomposition is also at work. Even as the eye looks away momentarily from the written passage, even as the local unit of textual material - the word, the sentence, the paragraph, the stanza in the poem, the scene in the play, the chapter in the novel - is receding into more or less retentive recollection, an erosion towards unity occurs. The detail is made less distinct as it enters into a largely subconscious, provisional construct of the whole. A memory trained to art will include within itself the skills of forgetting; it will smooth the sharp edges of the particular as our fingers smooth the edge of the stone before inserting it in the mosaic." (G. Steiner, Antigones)


53 Horocycle averages on closed manifolds and transfer operators (with A. Adam) (2021) arXiv and HAL, submitted for publication

52 Thermodynamic formalism for dispersing billiards (with M. Demers) (2020) arXiv and Hal, submitted

51 Fractional susceptibility functions for the quadratic family: Misiurewicz-Thurston parameters (with D. Smania), Comm. Math. Phys. 385 1957-2007 (2021)
In the "second fact" in the proof of Lemma 5.3 (when referring to Thm 1.1 in [18]) the L_1 norm in the rhs should be a sup norm.

50 On the fractional susceptibility function of piecewise expanding maps (with M. Aspenberg, J. Leppänen, and T. Persson), DCDS (2021), doi:10.3934/dcds.2021133

49 There are no deviations for the ergodic averages of the Giulietti-Liverani horocycle flows on the two-torus ETDS (2021),

48 On the measure of maximal entropy for finite horizon Sinai billiard maps (with M. Demers) JAMS 33 381-449 (2020), DOI:
As the result of [Bu] is only asymptotic, the last lines of section 2.3 should be replaced by "if h _* > s0 log 2, then there exists C > 0 and M>=2 so that #Fix T^m >=Cexp(h _*m) for all m >= M [Bu, Theorem 1.5]". Footnote 36 refers to the lower bound (7.26), but it should instead refer to the upper bound (7.25).
Lemma 4.3 in Thermodynamic formalism for dispersing billiards (by the same authors, see also Remark 4.4 there) showing that L_t(C^1) is contained in the Banach space furnishes the proof of Lemma 4.9 here, which had been omitted.

47 Characteristic functions as bounded multipliers on anisotropic spaces Proceedings Amer. Math. Soc. 146 4405-4420 (2018) DOI:

46 The quest for the ultimate anisotropic Banach space J. Stat. Phys. 166 525-557 (2017) (volume in honour of Ruelle and Sinai) (DOI) 10.1007/s10955-016-1663-0 (Corrections and complements) 170 1242-1247 (2018) /

45 Linear and fractional response for the SRB measure of smooth hyperbolic attractors and discontinuous observables (with T. Kuna and V. Lucarini) Nonlinearity 30 1204-1220 (2017) DOI: 10.1088/1361-6544/aa5b13, Corrigendum Nonlinearity 30 C4-C6 (2017)

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Minor corrections

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Corrigendum (Nonlinearity 25 (2012) 2203-2205) (The end of the proof of Thm 7.1 is amended: the claim about dense postscritical orbits is that "there exists a sequence" tn, not "for all sequences")

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(Above Lemma 3.2, "by some M_γ" should be replaced by "by M_γ φ(x) for some M_γ", the Hölder constant being local at x.)

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Conference proceedings, book chapters etc.

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